Neural Net

Neural Net is an expanding group of works  playing with the idea of "An Artwork as a dynamic pattern of activation of specific neural networks" triggered by particular set of verbal instructions. The huge debate about propositional and imagery representation seems to be near its end. Possibility and impossibility of translation of one onto the other, gives a big opportunity for producing art works and where subjectivity and memory play a crucial in this kind of understanding of art production and art perception. Big question of production of meaning as well as relation between semantic and syntax.


The works are cognitive performances where "videos and object" emerge inside the head of the viewer passing the burden on both understanding and creating an art work on to the viewer, setting him/her metaphorically in the field of quantum physics where viewer gains the crucial role (for creating/assigning the meaning). The difference from conceptual avant-garde is that the works play with all cognitive capacities of the brain, like qualia and intentionality.

This is crucial part of the whole project  since the whole content  (set of instruction) deals with political and socio-economical topics. I am underlining rich imagery and absurdity.