Brain Pictures

Brain Pictures consist of fMRI scans taken during my time spent inside the magnetic resonance  machine doing tasks required to investigate the relation between perception and imagination, basically showing very similar activation pattern of the brain in the task while "seeing" black square and "imagining" black square.   That relation can be used for constructing a new paradigm I am proposing as a model for understanding and producing art both in the age of Donald Trump and the Age of scientific revolutions and technology of brain research. The reference to Malevich"s Black Square that I am using in this research is suitable as a picture of a pixel, the smallest bit of data for construction of an image.


Ethical questions of surveillance of thoughts as well as availability of such technologies to the common people for medical or some other purposes are being covered by the works using technology of the future which is happening now.


In the work I am referring to scientific studies by Stephen Kosslyn (The Case for Mental Imagery), and Jack Gallant.