The Unity of Consciousness


The Unity of Consciousness, Weather Forecasting, Mental Disorders, Politics, Neuroscience, Destiny, Prediction,Measuring, Storm, Seizures and Me is based on a personal experience fusing two concepts, namely, "weather storm" as a violent disturbance of the atmosphere and "brain seizure" as a sudden alteration of behavior due to a temporary change in the electrical functioning of the brain. This relation could be deepened into an actual interrelation between weather and metal states, treating the literal and metaphoric use of the term "storm".

The suggested relation guides us to the question of forecasting, respectively, control. Forecasting of weather, forecasting of behavior, forecasting of destiny have been historically used as mechanisms allowing us to predict, and therefore to "know" something before it happens.

Even though a very important tool in the aspect of scientific methodology, one has to be aware of the epistemological limits and potential dangers as such predictions are gradually being used in order to facilitate and affect behavior rather than to predict it as it is structurally similar to a self-fulfilling prophesies.

The work consists of a stage with two walls and an interactive tube/like object (a barrel simulating an MRI scanner) in which a person may lay down (on the back) and watch a video on a monitor.

On the barrel, it is important to put a sign: Warning: this may trigger seizures.

On the front side of the stage there is a wallpaper with blended images of a weather forecast and a structure resembling a brain cortex. Once or twice during the show, a female presenter will appear and will do a small 2-minute performance, appropriating language from the TV weather forecast presentation, but with a slight shift. Instead of weather, her talk will be about the mood.

On the back side of the stage, there will be a small light box with 192 slices of my brain image.