This project is initiated as responds to a lack of public awareness of the treatment of gastarbetierInnen during the covid19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic served not only to rethink the issues around freedom and surveillance by changing the notion of responsibility from the individual to a collective one, but also revived the omnipresent discrepancies and prejudices around one of the largest, but nevertheless unaddressed minority groups in Austria. What the current crisis unmasked are the uncertainties around the invisible and underlying productive force in the Austrian society, especially in Vienna.  As it was almost impossible to get the access to the media, as I wrote an essay on the topic, we did this project for the lack of better tools to address this unpopular topic, although  super important topic for community. In the beginning part we focused on the research , interviews and photometry of the people who agreed to be photographed, yet we have to admit that it was difficult. Second part of the project was to make a 3d prints of the scanned models and to print  them again with  the agreement of the "photographed" persons. In the third phase we distributed "sculptures" in various prominent location in the City, also followed with the social media coverage with the this text:


GeistarbeiterInnen started appearing on a different location in the city ! People in different shifts. GeistarbieterInnen are ghost human beings (of all genders). They posses causal powers when it comes to the interaction with matter, like toilets and material for house construction but rather they are socially invisible and deprived of any kind of political power. Like the contemporary European Union (FYI: there is a big part of Europe, but not a part of EU) in "different shifts", they come with different level of humaneness. If you see them in the city call the police.