Biedermeier for the poor

Disintegration of everyday experience in the age of COVID-19

De-patterning of everyday experience


Today, the 3rd lockdown starts in Vienna, so people will stay in their flats, houses and castles. The art related institutions are closed, and people"s thirst  for culture is growing. Although so many cultural institutions initiated online events, people slowly but surely started understating the difference between the mediums. Internet will not replace the first hand experience. In that respect I am starting the 3rd incarnation of Biedermeier, focusing on the interior as a place where we spend most of our time. After the official Biedermeier and the Biedermeier Reanimiert, this project addresses similar issues from a quite different perspective.

With an endless crisis and  closures, with internet art that threatens to burn your eyes through the screen, I offer an alternative view that will redefine and reorganize your boring everyday life, deconstruct your living ecosystem and your daily steady patterns of  behavior and indulgences, not only by questioning them but rather by making them impossible. This therapeutic artistic gesture is based on a conceptual, spatial and temporal redesign of your experience of living in a place, in which by definition, you spend the most of the time. The almighty living room.  The main idea is borowed by cheap medium of collage but instead of paper I am using experience as source and after attentive deconstruction into parts, segments I compose it as synthesis of collage and montage with where new behavioral and cognitive patterns could referencing Helio Oiticica garden.