A Self-portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Through the whole artistic practice I have been trying to answer the starting question of André Breton"s novel Nadja – "Who am I" and the answer which was popping up during exploration in my video and photo projects was always seen through the prism of brain.

Answers, our subjectivity, memories, emotions, hopes, fears are all situated in structures of our neural tissue. Everything is in our synapses, connections between neurons. The important aspect is that our uniqueness is written in the visible structure of the brain, inside shapes and patterns –like our fingerprints.


Our personal experience shapes ourselves through neuroplasticity, not in a metaphorical, but rather in more literal sense. "What fires together wires together" is a new mantra from neuroscience, as in the look and in the pattern of our brain there is an untold story which invites viewer to imagine (im)possible possibilities.


Brain is like a black box, an artist and a scientist can track the input and output but they still do not know how it works and how it produces the whole universe between the two ears. They have started to peer inside as well.