Structure Of Thoughts

Video-installation (Video, Photography, Double Projection of Plexiglass), 2018, Dimensions Variable

Structure of Thoughts is a exhibition exploring the way how we organize, select and elicit our thoughts. It is based on a digital archive that consists of 12.000 specific audio-video works I started when I came to Vienna, refering to Jonas Mekas’ video diaries and James Joyce’s stream of thoughts.

It consist of three series of works. Anxiety Daydreaming is a series of a desktop documentaries produced in the time of a first peak of COVID-19 trying to mime the chaotic, anxious, dispersed attention, both from the content presented as well as the way how I browse trough my personal archive trying to document my stream of thoughts.

Homospatial Thinking is a double projection on a transparent plexiglas. Homospatial thinking is when at least two different concepts or thoughts occupy the same mental space. For the construction of the work I used videos from my archive.

Random Logic Machine deals with binding of a different modality of thoughts, like visual, auditory, linguistic into a single sequential narrative.