Retinal star

Interactive installation, 2015, dimensions variable

(The artwork has to be watched with the eyes closed)


Retinal star is an interactive installation in which the viewer is invited to stand in front of the installation and trigger the button while watching directly into the black object in front of him/her. Instructions are written on pedestal. After hitting the button, the flash fires up and the viewer has an "art object" directly on his/her retina. My work is displayed on the retina from several seconds up to a few minutes. After the viewer has experienced the piece with the eyes closed, he/she could open the eyes and see the collage made of "the real world" and shapes imprinted on the retina. I used different shapes for different concepts. The first usage was in a shape of a star used in ideological purposes. Secondly,  I used the text "I love you" as a reference to Tracey Emin.